Coanda Screen

Model: Coanda Screen

Screening Application

Designed for hydroelectric and irrigation installations to screen out sand, leaves, twigs, fish and aquatic growth. Visit for more information on Coanda Screens.


A tilted wire design that slices off layers of water diverting clear water to your turbine while allowing debris to pass over and down stream. This virtually eliminates costly sand collection pit construction while prolonging turbine and impeller life.

Fish Protection

If juvenile fish protection or navigability is an issue, ask about our low angle screen intake system.

Norris profiles offer smooth "fish friendly" surfaces


Hydroelectric Projects (click on a project for a pdf write up)

Brandywine Creek, Run-Of-River Hydtroelectric Project 
McNair Creek, Run-Of-River Hydroelectric Project
Kwalsa Energy Hydroelectric Project
Fitzsimmons Creek Run-Of-River Hydroelectric Project
East Toba-Montrose Run-Of-River Hydroelectric Project

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Visit  for more information on Coanda Screens.

NSM Norris Screen
Norris Screen